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CANstruction 2013: Course Selection – CANned Prix

Executive Construction and Perkins+Will teamed up for Chicago’s 7th Annual CANstruction Challenge in the race to end hunger, and Mario is the mascot for our mission! With more than a dozen canned food types included in our structure and approximately 6,517 cans, we are speeding ahead in the challenge to wipe out hunger from Chicago. Our structure includes a scene from the video game Mario Kart, with Mario driving his racecar on a section of racetrack as he crosses the finish line.  Mario and his kart are composed of healthy and hearty vegetables and proteins to give those in need a boost for their bodies. This structure is the result of teamwork and generous contributions from our community.  With each donation and every can, we are helping to provide members of our community with support and nourishment.  Every can counts and every contribution matters in the race to end hunger!  Executive Construction team members:  Lucy Cheney, Curt Hielke, Kevin Koronkowski, Ellen Zouras.  P+W team members: Megan Bateman (Captain), Ellen Anderson, Jessica Appeldoorn, Becky Balsano, Cameron Laabs, Cary Lancaster, Elaine Schmid, Sarah Wood.